The Dzieduszycki Family

The Dzieduszycki family is a Polish noble family of the Sas coat of arms. Its members took their surname after Dzieduszyce, a place near Żydaczów, where their descendants first lived in 1400. .

The Dzieduszycki family lived in Lviv, Poturzyca, Tarnawatka, Pieniaki, and, from the end of the 18th century, Zarzecze. Tadeusz Gerwazy (1724-1777) was the first one to receive the title of count in 1776 from Empress Maria Teresa and he then passed it on to his brother Dominik Herakliusz (1727-1804). .

Tadeusz and Domnik were the representatives of the family – Tadeusz of the older generation and Dominik of the younger generation. Magdalena KatarzynaMorska of the Dzieduszycki family (1762-1847), a descendent of Tadeusz Gerwazy and SalomeaTrembińska, greatly added to the Dzieduszycki family's wealth, contributing the estates she had inherited from her husband IgnacyMorski.

These were the Będziemyśl and Klęczany estates in the Rzeszów region, as well as Pruchnik and nearby villages, including the Park and Palace in Zarzecze, in the Przemyśl region. Magdalena named her brother JózefKalasanty (1776-1847) her heir, thus beginning the Dzieduszycki line in Poturzyca and Zarzecze.

Magdalena named her brother JózefKalasanty (1776-1847) her heir, thus beginning the Dzieduszycki line in Poturzyca and Zarzecze.

Józef and his brothers Walerian and Wawrzyniec took part in the Kościuszko Uprising, served in the army of the Duchy of Warsaw, and defended Zamość in 1813. As a patron of culture and science, he created the Library in Poturzyca.

He was married to his niece, Paulina Dzieduszycka, and had one son, Włodzimierz (1825-1899), who was his sole beneficiary.

Among his most outstanding achievements was the creation of the Dzieduszycki Family Natural History Museum in Lviv in 1893. Although the Museum was given to the state, it continued to be funded by the Poturzycko-Zarzecka estates. Włodzimierz was one of the wealthiest landowners in Galicia. He abolished serfdom at his estates before the Declaration of the Property Right Decree.

He married AlfonsynaMiączyńska (1836-1919) and had four daughters: Klementyna married ZygmuntSzembeka, Maria married Tadeusz Cieński, Jadwiga married WitoldCzartoryski, and Anna married Tadeusz Dzieduszycki (1841-1918). Anna and Tadeusz Dzieduszyccy inherited the Poturzycko-Zarzecka entailed estates. Anna Dzieduszycka had four sons: Paweł (1881-1951), Włodzimierz (1885-1971), Stanisław, and Kazimierz, and three daughters: Róża, Klementyna, and Maria. When Paweł became the heir in 1918, he relinquished the title to his brother, Włodzimierz, and joined the Society of Jesus.

WłodzimierzDzieduszycki, the fourth in line, married Wanda Sapieha (1890-1978) and had seven sons: Tadeusz, Jan, Eustachy, Andrzej, Krzysztof, Paweł, and Tytus, and six daughters: Anna (married name Szeptycka), Maria, ElżbietaKarska, Jadwiga Bernhardt, and Katarzyna Herbert.

The Dzieduszycki family spent the World War II years in Zarzecze, where residents and refugees from Sokołów – Stanisław's wife and children – found shelter. Włodzimierz, the last heir, managed the entailed estates until 1944 when the family's fortune was taken away from him.

Dzieduszycki family first stayed in a Dominican monastery in Jarosław, then in Rabka, where they ran a boarding house, and finally in Warsaw, where Włodzimierz and his family settled and where the Dzieduszycki family life would be centred in the post-war years.